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star wars

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Sandtrooper, originally uploaded by smokebelch.

han_chewy, originally uploaded by Preys.

Tagged, originally uploaded by funkandjazz.

ARE IZER YESB, originally uploaded by yesB.

Die looted love to rock burners. This is fucking amazing , maybe the best use of iconography in graffiti I have ever seen. I so fucking wish I made or even thought of this. Genius use of icons we all know to spell out a sentence “Die looted love to rock burners “. Awesome, look and learn you’ll never be this good, never you sorry sacks of shit.

072106, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Watch your mouth kid, or you’re gonna find yourself floating home. We’ll be safe enough once we make the jump to hyperspace. Besides, I know a few maneuvers. We’ll lose em’! By the way where the fuck is the corner of Aaaaaaaarrrgh and Rawwr, raaar?

Star Wars poster concept. I love that he put a portrait of Lucas in there as Skywalker, never hurts to make the boss the hero and thin and handsome and give him a lightsaber.

Not only is this guy a sick artist and concept creator but his composition is flawless.

Huge fan of the Taun-Taun. Empire really is the best of all the STAR WARS films.

Ralph McQuarrie Concept Paintings for Star Wars. This next set is all dedicated to Ralph McQuarrie a hyper talented guy. He did an ass load of Concept Paintings for Star Wars. It’s a shame Lucas didn’t just follow the the fucking Concepts.

I know they are super cool, and they are everything motorcycles aren’t. Speeder Bikes are great on let’s say Tatooine a place where you can’t hit shit but in the hyper crowded forests of Endor bad idea. The last thing I want is a vehicle that goes 500 mph and turns with a fart. This is another example of George Lucas having a really fresh idea and crow-barring it into a movie. Oh George “Do or do not….. there is no try”.


Ewok, originally uploaded by funky_violet.

The reason why STAR WARS (the first three) were so fuckkkking cool was the creatures that lived in the Star Wars worlds seemed like they all actually belonged there. Except of course for the walking teddy bear EWOKS. If you remember when Wicket Wystri Warrick (real name) met Princess Leia, he fell on his back and couldn’t get back up. Princess Leia had to help his sorry ass up. Name an animal smart enough to build weapons that can’t get it’s self off it’s hairy ass. BEEF number 2 the EWOKS live in tress, major mistake. Tell me how they got in the trees. They can’t climb trees. They can’t even climb fallen trees. One of the many reasons why STAR WARS sucks.

You know when you see something so new so different from everything else going on in the world, you can’t tell weather it is the greatest thing in the world or the worst. Not having a vocabulary to put these new things into some sort of catagory boggles the mind. That was how I felt the first time I heard this. I knew it then like I know it now. This is fucking CREATIVE GENIUS.